Programs Cross Sector Innovation

In recognition that there are a myriad of systemic factors influencing development, we will continue to evaluate a select set of innovations in areas such as financial inclusion, women's empowerment, and healthcare to the extent that they interact with our primary program areas.

Our Portfolio

Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships (GP) is a nonprofit impact investor whose mission is to expand opportunity for people living in poverty. Since 1994, GP has invested over $150M through an extensive MFI partner network.

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Capria Accelerator Fund

The first global business accelerator for impact fund managers, Capria supports new fund managers backing early-stage startups primarily in markets including Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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GS Social Impact Fund

In conjunction with the firm’s Urban Investment Group, the Goldman Sachs Social Impact Fund finances neighborhood and community redevelopment, as well as unique social impact bonds.

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ColaLife mimics the techniques and networks that Coca-Cola and other commodity producers use, to open up private sector supply chains for their anti-diarrhoea kit (Kit Yamoyo) designed with carers to meet their needs.

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Village Capital

Through unique peer driven programs, Village Capital brings together entrepreneurs for collaborative development on social challenge areas including financial inclusion, energy access, and agriculture.

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WWB Capital Partners

Women’s World Banking Capital Partners is a private equity limited partnership that makes direct equity investments in women-focused financial institutions, principally those in the Women’s World Banking network.

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Neogrowth is an innovate SME lender in the Indian market. The company approaches underwriting in a unique manner and allows for a flexible automated repayment mechanism.

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Evidence Action

Evidence Action scales cost-effective interventions whose efficacy is backed by substantial rigorous evidence. We are supporting the expansion of Dispensers for Safe Water in Malawi.

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