How Ceniarth Supports Social Entrepreneurs

Ceniarth Directors Diane Isenberg and Greg Neichin recently appeared on Financing Social Entrepreneurs, a “weekly podcast interviewing people who fund and support social innovation in different ways, grant providers, impact investors of various kinds, angel investors, foundations, family offices and more.”

Listen to Episode 6: How Ceniarth Supports Social Entrepreneurs

“In this podcast, Ceniarth directors Diane Isenberg and Greg Neichin talk about the wide-ranging support that Ceniarth can provide to social entrepreneurs and innovators: from leveraging grants and program-related investments to investing return-seeking capital. They emphasize the importance of providing finance that is appropriate to the specific needs of different social ventures.

Diane and Greg also share their views on the state of impact investing today, warn of the dangers of impact investment hyperbole, and investors who want to “have it all.” They talk about Ceniarth’s increasingly focus on assuring capital efficiency of dollars for impact, how Ceniarth uses capital to build ecosystems, and they offer invaluable advice for social entrepreneurs looking for financial support.”